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Innocent Ekeleme

Commercial Lead, Outdoors Nigeria

About Innocent Ekeleme

Innocent Ekeleme is a sales and marketing expert with over 10 years experience in Marketing and Sales in a multinational company. Winning global and regional product awards. He has numerous certifications and degrees inclusive of MBA and digital marketing.He is an affiliate member of the chattered institute of marketing UK.He has attended training in business development sales and marketing in the US,UAE,South Africa,Morocco,Egypt Oman etc. He has a deep insight into the digital market space,marketing dynamics,consumer behavior and product positioning. He has positioned start up firms to relevant players in their industry using digital marketing.He plays a key strategic role in the digital marketing department of a leading e commerce platform with presence in Nigeria and Ghana.

He is passionate about bridging the gap between the consumer and the company/seller. This was a leading motivation in setting up PDMA as digital marketing took away his greatest nightmare in generating leads and targeting the right and ripe customers.Innocent is a leading Faculty Member in PDMA and with the great success he has achieved in the organisations he is managing their digital marketing portfolio, You are most assured that PDMA is the one stop place for realization of your dream of earning a great and profitable space in the digital market.

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